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CAT GMAT GRE SAT - High Frequency words

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Before you embark into the world of easiest way to memorize words with our Product, please go through some suggestions & instructions to make the best use of this product.


  1. As you start, first read the word and its break-up. Try to pronounce the word and its break-up.
  2. Now, look at the respective picture closely and check the details (written below every image).
  3. Go through the text written in details and try to relate the break-up and the meaning of the word in the picture.
  4. Close your eyes & visualize the picture in your mind. Relate the break-up and meaning of the word.


  1. Revise the words you have gone through within one week.
  2. More you see and use these words stronger will be the foundation.

By following these steps these words will be so strongly imbibed in your brain that even if you force yourself to forget them, you simply won’t be able to do that.

All the best!!!  Your feedback will be highly appreciated and will help us to improve the product.




Learn and use Apprise word meaning GRE GMAT CAT SAT wordlist through mnemonic and picture

In this jungle it is said that if a sleeping APE starts automatically RISING in the air, it is a serious matter & the king must be INFORMED about it.



Pronunciation : ap·prise  (ə-prīz′)

Breakup : APE + RISE

Meaning : To make aware; inform.


Synonym :

Apprize, Notify, Send word, Give notice, Advise

Memory Questionnaire:

 Question 1: What was happening to the Ape?

  • Option1 : It was Sleeping
  • Option2 : It was sleeping on a high bed
  • Option3 : It was sleeping & rising in the air

Question 2: What was supposed to be done when the Ape starts rising?

  • Option1 : Inform the Lion
  • Option2 : Lion to wear Uniform
  • Option3 : Do not inform the Lion

Question 3: What is the meaning of the Word?

  • Option1 : To Inform
  • Option2 : To make aware of
  • Option3 : Both 1 & 2 above


Sentences & News:

 1. SEZ: SC asks Haryana to apprise it about land allocated to RIL

2. PM meets President to apprise him about Republic Day preparations

3. TN BJP to apprise leadership on anti-CHOGM sentiments

4. Apprise information for Medicare beneficiaries

History & Origin:

The word comes from late Middle English: from Old French aprisier, from a (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + prisier ‘to price, prize’, from pris. The change in the ending in the 17th century was due to association with prize.



Word : ABATE

AB (ABhishek) ATE most of the food being served at the dining table so every one else  got very less (REDUCED) food in their plate.


Word : ABATE

Pronunciation : a·bate  (ə-bāt′)

Breakup : AB (Abhishek Bachan) + ATE

Meaning : To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen


Synonym : Slake, Slack


Memory Questionnaire:

 Question 1: What was the word breakup?

  • Option1 : AB  Eat
  • Option2 : AB  Ate
  • Option3 : ABa Ate

Question 2: What did AB do?

  • Option1 : AB gave most of the food from his plate to others
  • Option2 : AB ate most of the food that reduced quantity for others
  • Option3 : AB wanted most of the food

Question 3: What is the meaning of the Word?

  • Option1 : To lessen in quantity
  • Option2 : To reduce in intensity
  • Option3 : Both 1 & 2 above

Sentences & News:

1. Trustees Abate Portion of 2013 Tax Levy Used for Debt Service, Announce Intent for Equity Adjustment

2. New diagnostic criteria may abate autism prevalence

3. The threat of further terror strikes in the capital has not abated.

4. Another feature is that these great storms to not necessarily abate as they come inland.

5. Meanwhile, the debate over this and similar cases will not abate.


History & Origin:

Included in Middle English from Old French abatre ‘to fell’, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + batre ‘to beat’ (from Latin battere, battuere ‘to beat’).




Shri RAM is wearing a PANT whose length is INCREASING UNRESTRAINED.



Pronunciation : ram·pant  (răm′pənt)

Breakup : RAM + PANT

Meaning : Extending unchecked; unrestrained


Memory Questionnaire:

 Question 1: What was the word breakup?

  • Option1 : RAMP ANT
  • Option2 : RAM ANT
  • Option3 : RAM PANT

Question 2: What was Shri Ram doing?

  • Option1 : Was wearing a pant
  • Option2 : Was folding a pant
  • Option3 : Was buying a pant

Question 3: Why Shri Ram was amazed?

  • Option1 : The Pant's colour was blue and he didn't like blue
  • Option2 : The length of the pant was increasing unrestrained
  • Option3 : Both 1 & 2 above


Sentences & News:

1. Rampant Liverpool moves 2nd in Premier League

2. Rampant food waste a barrier to cutting poverty: World Bank

3. Gun violence rampant in U.S.: report

4. Corruption is rampant all over the world

5. Rampant consumerism.

6. The mob is running rampant, and they've infiltrated the police department.


History & Origin:

In the Middle English rampaunt from Old French rampant, present participle of ramper, to ramp.




An Oyster is taking away a MONASTERY in its CLAW.



Pronunciation : clois·ter  (kloi′stər)

Breakup : CLAW + OYSTER

Meaning : A place, especially a monastery or convent, devoted to religious seclusion, a secluded, quiet place.   (एकान्तस्थल/ मठीय जीवन)



Religious Residence


History & Origin:

Introduced in middle English (in the sense ‘place of religious seclusion’) from Old French cloistre, from Latin claustrum, clostrum meaning lock, enclosed place, from claudere meaning ‘to close’.


Sentences & News:

1. Benedict XVI not leading cloistered life, says Vatican spokesman

2. Sadhu's leave the cloister and wander off in search of food.


Memory Questionnaire:

Question 1: What was the word breakup?

  • Option1 : Clay Oyster
  • Option2 : Claw Oyster
  • Option3 : Clove Oyster

Question 2: What was the oyster carrying away?

  • Option1 : A Church
  • Option2 : A Temple
  • Option3 : A Monastery

Question 3: What was the meaning of the word?

  • Option1 : A secluded quiet place
  • Option2 : A place especially a monastery or convent
  • Option3 : Both 1&2 above



Tree's son betrayed him.



Breakup : TREE + SON

Meaning : any treachery or betrayal


A bride groom is PICKING a NARI* for his swayamvadhu using a garland made of currency notes (MONEY).



Breakup : PICK + A + NARI

Meaning : Of, pertaining to, or consisting of money.

Word : GAPE

A fox has opened its mouth very very wide wishing GRAPEs to fall in it.


Word : GAPE

Breakup : GRAPE

Meaning : To open the mouth wide; to stare in wonder or amazement, esp with the mouth open

Word : LAVE

A person is washing his face with LAVA.


Word : LAVE

Breakup : LAVA

Meaning : To wash; bathe.


A RAPID TEA drinking competition is being organized in a company for SALARY increment.



Breakup : SALARY + TEA

Meaning : rapidity; swiftness; speed


A special REE COOPER shoe which automatically recovers itself.



Breakup : REE COOPER shoes

Meaning : To return to health or strength; recover.

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