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Learn and use Apprise word meaning GRE GMAT CAT SAT wordlist through mnemonic and picture

In this jungle it is said that if a sleeping APE starts automatically RISING in the air, it is a serious matter & the king must be INFORMED about it.



Pronunciation : ap·prise  (ə-prīz′)

Breakup : APE + RISE

Meaning : To make aware; inform.


Synonym :

Apprize, Notify, Send word, Give notice, Advise

Memory Questionnaire:

 Question 1: What was happening to the Ape?

  • Option1 : It was Sleeping
  • Option2 : It was sleeping on a high bed
  • Option3 : It was sleeping & rising in the air

Question 2: What was supposed to be done when the Ape starts rising?

  • Option1 : Inform the Lion
  • Option2 : Lion to wear Uniform
  • Option3 : Do not inform the Lion

Question 3: What is the meaning of the Word?

  • Option1 : To Inform
  • Option2 : To make aware of
  • Option3 : Both 1 & 2 above


Sentences & News:

 1. SEZ: SC asks Haryana to apprise it about land allocated to RIL

2. PM meets President to apprise him about Republic Day preparations

3. TN BJP to apprise leadership on anti-CHOGM sentiments

4. Apprise information for Medicare beneficiaries

History & Origin:

The word comes from late Middle English: from Old French aprisier, from a (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + prisier ‘to price, prize’, from pris. The change in the ending in the 17th century was due to association with prize.



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