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An Oyster is taking away a MONASTERY in its CLAW.



Pronunciation : clois·ter  (kloi′stər)

Breakup : CLAW + OYSTER

Meaning : A place, especially a monastery or convent, devoted to religious seclusion, a secluded, quiet place.   (एकान्तस्थल/ मठीय जीवन)



Religious Residence


History & Origin:

Introduced in middle English (in the sense ‘place of religious seclusion’) from Old French cloistre, from Latin claustrum, clostrum meaning lock, enclosed place, from claudere meaning ‘to close’.


Sentences & News:

1. Benedict XVI not leading cloistered life, says Vatican spokesman

2. Sadhu's leave the cloister and wander off in search of food.


Memory Questionnaire:

Question 1: What was the word breakup?

  • Option1 : Clay Oyster
  • Option2 : Claw Oyster
  • Option3 : Clove Oyster

Question 2: What was the oyster carrying away?

  • Option1 : A Church
  • Option2 : A Temple
  • Option3 : A Monastery

Question 3: What was the meaning of the word?

  • Option1 : A secluded quiet place
  • Option2 : A place especially a monastery or convent
  • Option3 : Both 1&2 above


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