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Shri RAM is wearing a PANT whose length is INCREASING UNRESTRAINED.



Pronunciation : ram·pant  (răm′pənt)

Breakup : RAM + PANT

Meaning : Extending unchecked; unrestrained


Memory Questionnaire:

 Question 1: What was the word breakup?

  • Option1 : RAMP ANT
  • Option2 : RAM ANT
  • Option3 : RAM PANT

Question 2: What was Shri Ram doing?

  • Option1 : Was wearing a pant
  • Option2 : Was folding a pant
  • Option3 : Was buying a pant

Question 3: Why Shri Ram was amazed?

  • Option1 : The Pant's colour was blue and he didn't like blue
  • Option2 : The length of the pant was increasing unrestrained
  • Option3 : Both 1 & 2 above


Sentences & News:

1. Rampant Liverpool moves 2nd in Premier League

2. Rampant food waste a barrier to cutting poverty: World Bank

3. Gun violence rampant in U.S.: report

4. Corruption is rampant all over the world

5. Rampant consumerism.

6. The mob is running rampant, and they've infiltrated the police department.


History & Origin:

In the Middle English rampaunt from Old French rampant, present participle of ramper, to ramp.



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