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Word : ABATE

AB (ABhishek) ATE most of the food being served at the dining table so every one else  got very less (REDUCED) food in their plate.


Word : ABATE

Pronunciation : a·bate  (ə-bāt′)

Breakup : AB (Abhishek Bachan) + ATE

Meaning : To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen


Synonym : Slake, Slack


Memory Questionnaire:

 Question 1: What was the word breakup?

  • Option1 : AB  Eat
  • Option2 : AB  Ate
  • Option3 : ABa Ate

Question 2: What did AB do?

  • Option1 : AB gave most of the food from his plate to others
  • Option2 : AB ate most of the food that reduced quantity for others
  • Option3 : AB wanted most of the food

Question 3: What is the meaning of the Word?

  • Option1 : To lessen in quantity
  • Option2 : To reduce in intensity
  • Option3 : Both 1 & 2 above

Sentences & News:

1. Trustees Abate Portion of 2013 Tax Levy Used for Debt Service, Announce Intent for Equity Adjustment

2. New diagnostic criteria may abate autism prevalence

3. The threat of further terror strikes in the capital has not abated.

4. Another feature is that these great storms to not necessarily abate as they come inland.

5. Meanwhile, the debate over this and similar cases will not abate.


History & Origin:

Included in Middle English from Old French abatre ‘to fell’, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + batre ‘to beat’ (from Latin battere, battuere ‘to beat’).



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