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A team of Policemen searching for the AGE of the ROOM


Word : RUMMAGE (verb)

Pronunciation : rum·mage  (rŭm′ĭj)

Breakup : ROOM + AGE

Meaning :  Ransack; searching thoroughly




 Similar words :

Search, Hunting, Hunt


1. Rummage around the internet all the time

2. Rummaged blindly in the cupboard, knowing that in here somewhere was my old pair of jeans

Origin & History:

late 15th cent.: from Old French arrumage, from arrumer ‘stow (in a hold)’, from Middle Dutch ruim ‘room’. In early use the word referred to the arranging of items such as casks in the hold of a ship, giving rise (early 17th cent.) to the verb sense ‘make a search of (a vessel’).



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