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Contributed by Mr. Hari (MBA Aspirant)


Pronunciation : her·met·ic  (hr-mtk) also her·met·i·cal (--kl)
Breakup : Her Cosmetic Box
Meaning : Completely sealed; Impervious to outside interference or influence

Sentences :
1. Hermetic storage bags are commercially available that when sealed are impervious to gas exchange.
2. Colleges should not provide a hermetic environment for students.

Word Origin :
Origin of “hermetically” comes from the Latin form of Hermes’ name (‘Hermeticus’). Hermes’ name is associated with this concept because he was purported to be able to magically seal a box or chest in such a way that it could never be opened. Later on, in the 17th century, Hermes’ name became linked to secrets and seals. The term “Hermetically Sealed” was then popularized by an invention called the Magdeburg Hemispheres, which used a vacuum to remain sealed no matter the force applied to take them apart.

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