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Word : Penury

Contributed by Mr. Abhishek (GMAT Aspirant)


Word : PENURY (noun)

Link : Need even a PENNY

Pronunciation : pen·u·ry  (pny-r)

Meaning : Extreme poverty; Destitution; Extreme scarcity


Other Words

1. Destitute - Utterly lacking

(A very close synonym of Penury, and one of equal strength. Destitute people don't have means for mere subsistence-as such, they are perhaps on the verge of starvation)

2. Indigent - Experiencing want or need; impoverished

(This is a milder word than Penury & Destitution. Indigent people are not absolutely penniless)

3. Parsimonious - Excessively sparing or frugal.

(A synonym of Penury. Parsimonious person is stingy, a penurious person is twice as stingy)





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